What is harassment? I felt in real that day.

 Kathmandu/Pahichan-I am D.P. Sharma currently working as a district project officer in gay focus program in Blue Diamond society Kathmandu. U can find me smiling and also known as Nepal’s first Gay pageant winner but I had some really hard times in my life to be at these feet.

I am glad to be here and was overwhelmed to watch the similar stories of mine.

I thought it would be hard to share this story. But surprisingly it isn’t hard at all. And it’s not just one story many gay people like have and are facing similar violence .The lesson I learned is to speak up if you think you are being discriminated .Its was around 6.45 in winter evening .It was dark and load shedding making it more darker around the place where I was getting back to my room. Suddenly 3 guys approached me and asked me how I was doing and added they had something to talk n saying it would only 10 minutes with me.

As we were walking through the street and was talking about personal life’s all of sudden one of the guy tied my neck with his belt and I fell down. I tried to rescue myself n asked not to do so. I tried to remove from my neck but one of the guy had a razor and started to cut my hands saying the more I try to remove belt he will cut me and treated to cut my neck too. I was too afraid and helpless at the time. Later they pulled me down the road and took me near a rock and started to torn and cut my clothes with razor along with some parts of my body. I was in so much pain and blooded but didn’t have to clue to get rid of this. I was totally unconscious and wasn’t able to feel what was going through me. Later I came to know they had intercourse with me but I wasn’t in a sense to realize that.

I couldn’t believe what went through me at the time and was isolated for some time. I was all nude those culprits took all of my belonging clothes, mobile phone my small golden top my ear even slipper .I had to get back to place so came down to road and seecked for help from people walking in street.. Instead of helping me people run away from me seeing me and I was like a mad person walking in street.

I didn’t have courage to go for police complain I feared that I have to live in this society and my story will be exposed thorough media and I won’t be able to live with equal dignity. Every time I go for shower I still remember that day seeing all the rashes on my body.

The biggest problem I see in our society is  people don’t speak about discrimination and break the silence but now days people from our community are slowly coming forwards(especially gay men) and I must say it takes lot of courage .