When A Man Is Raped…

Madhav Dulal/Pahichan – Sexual violence against women is frequently heard. However, a male facing sexual violence from another male is a rare issue and complaints on the same issue are very rare. Such incident has taken place in Lalitpur few days ago.

A male has registered a case saying that another male tried to rape him. Ministry of Health has transferred HA Dipendra Shah who was working in Lele Health Post on the charges sexual violence. After taking action against Shah it has been revealed that other male were also engaged in sexual violence following the direction from Shah.

Jiwan Silwal has knocked the door of Blue Diamond Society and National Human Rights Commission seeking justice. After the case was moved to Supreme Court, they came to complain about it, according to Rights Activist Bhakti Shah.  This even has been taken by surprise by many people.

In Nepal there are homosexual female and gay male. Women are having sexual intercourse with women and male having sexual intercourse with male. They are living together as life partners.

They want to legalize same-sex marriage but this type of complaint is happening first time. So the complain of Jivan Silwal is not a strange case.  Silwal went to health post for the treatment. He shared his problems with HA Shah and assured him that there are not any serious health issues.

Shah suspected that Silwal is a transgender and asked several questions.  Later he requested him to come to the bed and tried to rape him. Silwal filed a complaint at police office. It was revealed that Shah tried to forcefully rape several other people. Silwal himself introduces as social worker.