Why transgender women are kept with man?

Ambika Dahal/Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 6 – Transgender does not face gender violence? Will they be denied from achieving government service?  Ishan Regmi, a person with inter-gender asked this question at a program organized by Ministry of Children and Social Welfare on the occasion of 16-day campaign against gender violence. There is a perception in the society that only women would face discrimination and violence in the society, Regmi asked, “Why police keeps transgender in male’s room when they are detained?  Regmi complained with Nepal Police DIG Migmar Lama that though transgender disclose their identity, only the complaints of women and children are addressed. Regmi urged to provide service to transgender in the service provided by police.  Regmi said transgender are facing a lot of violence in the society.

DIG Lama said Nepal Police is very sensitive to transgender. He said after knowing the identity, they would keep separately. He expressed a commitment that separate rooms will be arranged for transgender. Regmi said even the educational certificate should be as per the gender identity. Participants said women and children are facing violence from Man.