‘Women rights activists under pressure to withdraw the cases’

Kathmandu (Pahichan) September 18 – Women rights activists have said they are facing discrimination from the society. They complained of facing a lot of charges and are under pressure to withdraw the cases related to women violence.

Speaking at a discussion program about organized to prepare a shadow report of CEDAW alliance, they said they are under pressure from various sectors to withdraw the cases.

Chairman Renu Adhikari said they are facing insecurity for working to secure the human rights of women. Adhikari said suggestions provided by women rights activist would be incorporated in the report.

The report would incorporate these components: treatment women as second class citizen in the society focus on interrelation among women, social structures that discriminates women and other issues.

Bimala BK of Member of Parliament said Nepal’s constitution is progressive and it has addressed the issues of women. BK is of the view that implementation of constitutional provisions are not satisfactory. “Due to the poor implementation of constitution, the cases like raped have increased,” said BK.

Lawmaker Uma Regmi due to the politicization and delay in the legal process, women are not getting justice in the serious human rights violations and crimes. “We have to find out the root of such incidents and culprit must be punished,” Regmi said.

Tika Dahal of Federation of Disabled Association underlined the need of addressing the violation against this community. According to Dahal, they are losing 95 cases related to the raping of this community. Dahal said members of this community must get citizenship in mother’s name and there a need of proper discussions about the women.

Nepal is submitting report in every four years. Due to the earthquake in 2015 and subsequent other political reasons, Nepal has not sent any report. However, report has been submitted in April last year. Discussion on the report is taking place in October 22-23 in Geneva. Civil society will present a supplementary report in the program.