World Cup shirts like you’ve never seen them before

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 6 – To celebrate Pride events across the world in June and July, a number of unique World Cup shirts have been designed to raise money for various LGBTQ charities.

A number of collaborators from BrazilSpainRussia, Holland, the United Kingdom and the United States have teamed up to create the special jerseys.

They bring together the kits from a number of countries competing in the tournament in Russia in colourful fashion.

The incredible designs include the shirts of Australia, Brazil, Iceland, Japan, Senegal, Spain, South Korea and Tunisia formed to give them a rainbow effect.The jerseys also include an arm patch that reads: ‘We Belong to the Same Team.’

Footballing legend Pele is among the high-profile faces supporting the cause.The Brazilian icon tweeted: ‘The World Cup brings all kinds of people together. It’s a good moment to remember that whatever you look like and whoever you love, we are all part of the #SameTeam.’

Shirts will be signed and auctioned on the day of the World Cup final (July 15), with proceeds going to a host of LGBTQ charities. Founders at creative agency Activista – Paco Conde and Beto Fernandez – are the brains behind the initiative.The team of creators also includes Brazilian photographer, director and actor Marcos Mello; Dutch football identities designer Floor Wesseling, executive producer Helen Trickey and Spain-based Carlitos y Patricia.