You cannot deny constitutional rights : NC lawmaker Shahi

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 5 – Nepali Congress (NC) lawmaker Rita Shahi has said that no one can deny the rights mentioned in constitution. She is of the view that constitutional provisions should be implemented without any delay formulating required laws.

Rita“No one can deny the rights mentioned in the constitution,” Shahi said adding that it is the responsibility of lawmakers and government to present a bill in Parliament to make laws related to homosexual and transgender.

She said that due to the lack of Parliament session, lawmakers are without any job. “It has affected the constitution implementation process. Though we have to formulate a lot of laws we are compelled to live without any works which is very sad,” she said.

She urged to call Parliament session as soon as possible. She said NC itself is busy in its internal works. NC is holding Parliamentary Party election on Wednesday. “After the completion of PP leader election, NC will play an effective role for the implementation of constitution,” Shahi said.