50 percent dreams of sexual and gender minorities have been realized, says Pant   

Kathmandu (Pahichan) September 30 – Member of First Constituent Assembly (CA) Sunil Babu Pant has said that there are more opportunities for sexual and gender minorities than the challenges.  We obviously have challenges but there are more opportunities for you.

Speaking at a National Consultative Meeting of Federation of Sexual and Gender Minorities in Nepal Pant said there is gradual erosion of traditional practices and country has taken a new course. He said human rights issues of this community have made a good progress.  He underlined a need of moving forward with new visions and working plan.

“I am fully confident that you are moving forward with new ways and new visions. You need to focus on enhancing your capacity and enhance the culture of cooperation within this community,” he added, saying that it is not too difficult to translate constitutional rights into practice.

He suggested members of this community to work with local and provincial government as well about the agenda of this community. He suggested the members of this community to start business or some types of entrepreneurship. In the last 20 years, half of the dreams have been realized and half yet to be fulfilled.