Agreement to find an appropriate word to give identity to LGBTI in citizenship

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 3 – It has been agreed to find an appropriate word that will be mentioned in while providing citizenship to the members of sexual and gender minority.

Such agreement has been reached at a meeting of State Affairs and Good Governance Committee of Parliament. Such agreement was reached after the meeting witnessed diverse opinion on providing citizenship to sexual and gender minority.

“We hold discussion about finding appropriate words, member Suajata Pariyar said, “One alternative being discussed is writing sexual and gender minority and leaving the spaces.”  The amendment proposal talks about specifying the gender and sexual minority. The responsibility to find appropriate words has been entrusted to Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Law.

Majority of the members were of the view that members of LGBTI community should get citizenship as per their gender identity.  As per the discussions, in the citizenship form, sexual and gender minority will be mentioned and there will be some vacuum spaces.

Committee members were of the view that it would be problematic to mention because Khas Arya also mentioned Others (O) category. Majority members were of the view that as constitution has already provided rights to this community, besides male and female, clear provisions should be mentioned. While, other members were of the view that it would create problems of gender identity is imparted as per their demands.

Members Gagan Thapa, Pushpa Bhusal, Nawaraj Silwal, Rekha Sharma, Rajendra Shrestha and Sujata Pariyar were of the view that as constitution itself has ensured the rights of this community, citizenship act must address their demands of gender identity. Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Nirmala Adhikari said it should not be taken as defamation if male, female and others are written in gender section of citizenship. She requested not to create any surroundings.

Home Secretary Prem Rai said there is a tendency of changing gender identity. Rai said citizenship on the basis of gender identity could be provided on the basis of the recommendation made by Medical Board. There has been tentative agreement that two ministries will come up with their names.