All three-tier of governments are indifferent to our demands: LGBTI

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 18 – Members of sexual and gender minority have said that all three level of governments have not paid attention to the rights of sexual and gender minority.

Speaking at a press meet organized by Shashatikaran Nepal Nawalparsi, members of this community said all three-tier of governments did not support this community.

Speaking at a press conference, Founding Chair of Blue Diamond Society and member of First Constituent Assembly (CA) Sunil babu pant said state is discriminating this community in citizenship. He said there are a lot of bureaucratic hurdles to acquire citizenship by this community.  He said though constitution has guaranteed the rights of this community, there have not been implementation.  According to Pant, District Administration Offices are seeking unnecessary documents to provide citizenship, which has denied citizenship for the members of this community.

Aanik Rana, chair of Shashaktikaran Nepal Nawalparsi said local and provincial governments are discriminating this community. Rana said there should be equal representation of sexual and gender minority in the local level.  Rana said though members of this community have disclosed their identity, they are denied from state facilities.

Rana said district administration offices should provide citizenship to this community without any bureaucratic hurdles. According to Program Coordinator Pushpa Lama around two hundred members of this community have disclosed their identity. According to her, there are around three thousand members of this community.