‘Amend constitution to ensure our identity’

Dhanusa (Pahichan) June 9 – Sexual and gender minority from Janakpur has demanded to amend constitution in order to address their demands. Stating that constitution itself is discriminating them, they put the demand of constitution amendment.

Speaking at a program organized by Blue Diamond Society, they said society is facing difficulties to accept them as they are discriminated from constitution. The article 12 of constitution has a provision of providing citizenship as per the gender identity. Similarly, article 18 and 42 of constitution have provided social justice rights to this community, ensuring the representation of this community in decision-making level.

Though there is constitutional guarantee, laws have not been formulated. The citizenship Act has further stated that members of this community should present medical proof in order to get citizenship. Third gender Junu Chaudhary said members of this community are denied from the citizenship based on identity.

“I am a third gender but I am carrying a citizenship in which there is male identity. Male and female do not need medical proof but it our case they are demanding proof,” Chaudhary said. Participants demanded the proportional representation of this community. Satya Naraya Shah. Chief of BDS Dhanusha said society is still to accept the identity of this community. There are around three thousand transgender in Dhanusha.