Changing understanding of LGBTI

Soniya Yongya/Pahichan – Blue Diamond Society is a non-profit organization established in 2001.  Its goal is to ensure lasting and sustainable change in advocating, improving rights of the sexual and gender minorities. They also provide counseling, and health services related to HIVs/AIDs within LGBTI community people.

 SoniyaWhat are sex, gender and sexual orientation?

Sex– It refers to a biological identity called reproductive organ. And, it is known as female, male, inter-sex.

Gender– It refers to a social distinctions and construction of femininity and masculinity and known as women, men and third-gender.

Transgender is a term used in sociology to identify a gender role in society outside of a gender binary of female and male. Many non-binary people identify themselves as a third gender even if their culture of country does not recognize a third gender.

Sexual Orientation– It refers to a emotional, mental, and physical attraction whether to individual of a different sex called heterosexual, and it is refer as attraction towards opposite sex, same sex called homosexual and it is refer as attraction toward same sex or both sexes called bisexual and it refers as attraction between both like female and male.

What do you mean by LGBTI?

L means Lesbian and it refers to the relationship of both females because they express their sexual feelings and attracted towards same sex.

G means Gay and it refers to the relationship of both males because they express their feelings and sexually attracted towards same sex. Gay may be feminine or masculine.

B means Bisexual and it refers to double relationship between both female and male. It can be female or male. They express their sexual feeling, attraction and sexual behavior with both female and male.

Transgender has been divided into two categories: trans-man and trans-women.

Trans-man is a kind of person who is born as a girl but in the growing process their mentality, character and thinking capability grows up like a boy. They began to think themselves as a boy. From the childhood day they try to realize that they are different from other girls.

Trans-women are a kind of person who is born as a boy but in the growing process their mentality, character and thinking capability grows up like a girl. Trans-women are just opposite of trans-men.

Intersex– Born with anatomy or physiology that does not conform to cultural and societal expectations of a distinctly male or female gender. Historically, the medical community labeled these individuals as hermaphrodites and performed sex reassignment surgery in early infancy.

Contemporary perspective seeks to question, and challenge the arbitrary practice of gender reassignment surgery as a form of compulsory identity and/or genital mutilation.