Consensus on citizenship issues of LGBTI still elusive

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 8 – Lawmakers have agreed to grant citizenship to sexual and sexual minority mentioning other (O) category in gender section. They made such agreement in a discussions program organized on Nepal Citizenship Act amendment bill 2063.

Lawmakers were of the view that members of this community who voluntarily disclose their identity can get citizenship. However, the issue of changing the gender of those who have already received citizenship as male and female has not been finalized it. According to Nirmala Adhikari, Joint Secretary at Ministry of Law and Parliamentary Affairs said it is not sure what sort of provisions will be arranged. She said that there are not any difficulties to provide citizenship under ‘O’ category.

It is still uncertain where the new law provide be formulated paving way to provide citizenship to Lesbian, gay and inter-sex. She made it clear that provisions relating to change of gender is not related to sexual and gender minority. There are no provisions of changing sexual organs but if anyone changes in abroad provisions will be made to provide citizenship to them. According to her, the provisions of changing gender are different from the issue of sexual and gender minority. Lawmaker Rajendra Shrestha said if members of this community disclose their identity and seek citizenship first time, they can get citizenship mentioning O category.

The Supreme Court issued a directive in the name of government to provide citizenship to the members of this community on 2064 Poush 6. Home Ministry issued a circular to district administration offices to issue citizenship on the basis of identity. Supreme Court issued order to government to provide citizenship under the changed gender and citizenship. The number of LGBTI community receiving citizenship as per the court order has exceeded more than one hundred. However, they are denied from changing their names. The new law is being amended in line with article 12 of constitution.

Shrestha said members of this community should get citizenship as per their identity. Members of this community have already warned that forced changed of sexual organs. This community is of the view that members of this community should get citizenship as per their announcement and wishes.

Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinky Gurung said providing citizenship on the basis of medical report is not acceptable to them. Gurung said gender identity is a private issue and it is a matter of personal feelings. Male and female do not need any proofs but why they are seeking report in the case of tis community? Gurung said. Gurung said members of this community should get citizenship without any hassles.