Discussions on prospects Pink capitalism in Nepal

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 6 – For the economic empowerment, everybody seeks the ways for self-employment. In such endeavor, some because successful while others suffer setback and give up their efforts.

Stakeholders, however, are of the view that if you chose the profession of you interest coupled with continuous labor, it would help for your economic empowerment. They said that the business that matches with your skills and interest are the best alternative of self-employment.

Speaking at a program in Kathmandu titled Pink Capitalism; speakers shared their views and experiences regarding the obstacles they are facing and ways to resolve them.

The program was organized targeting LGBTIQ and speakers urged the members of this community to engage in entrepreneurship or business. They demanded to make an appropriate environment and entrepreneurs themselves can play vital role themselves.  The appropriate areas for this community are tourism, restaurant among others, they said.

They said we can attract tourist through our geographical and cultural scenario and settings. They suggested setting up business targeting all sections of the society, along with embracing the principle of specialty. However, there are still challenges to this community as society is yet to accept their identity. The program was organized by Sunil Babu Pant, member of first Constituent Assembly (CA) who is a campaigner of sexual and gender minority rights. To remove the difficulties, there is a need of educating local people.