Donor agencies should show seriousness in spending money   

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 30 – Nepal’s sexual and gender minority observe Gaijatra festival as a month or day of pride. Every year, this festival is observed in Kathmandu valley and members of this community outside the Kathmandu valley gather in Kathmandu for the same purpose. Blue Diamond Society started organizing such program since 2004.

The rally begins from Thamel and ends in Basantapur and ministers, politicians, diplomats, journalists among others are invited for the program. BDS, which was established for the protection of health and rights of this community, has already celebrated Gaijatra festival in Chitwan and Pokhara.

“We have a history of celebrating Gaijatra since to 2004 and it is connected with our own identity and existence,” said BDS Chairman Pinky Gurung. According to her, the theme of Gaijatra would be different in every year. From the perspective of time and situation, the Gaijatra festival of 2004 was historic.

“Gaijatra is regarded as a multi-lingual, multi-religion and multi-culture,” she added. Now, there is an environment to organize pride rally and for the same purpose BDS has played a vital role. No one should forget the contribution made by BDS to make an appropriate environment for this community.

June is celebrated as a pride month in America and other countries. The celebration of June as a pride month began when there was attack of homosexuals in a Dance bar of America in 1969.  Such events have created a division among the LGBTI community which remains united to secure their rights. State has not formulated sufficient laws to pave the way to compete with male and female in the society. There is no protection from state to this community. Due to the discrimination at home and society, many members of this community are compelled to suicide. However, donor agencies’ support is not property utilized in Nepal.

They are supporting in human rights, education, health and reconstrucitons. Donor agencies are providing financial assistance to any communities without proper evaluation. Members of this community are facing a lot of difficulties but large amount of money that comes in the name of this community is always underutilized. Blue Diamond Society has played a vital role to ensure the rights of this community. Due to the pressure built by BDS and case filed in Supreme Court, government has been compelled to provide citizenship as per gender identity.

However, there are still difficulties because members of this community have to present medical proof in order to get citizenship. There is no support from government and this community will have to depend on donor agencies. Of late, the assistance from donor agencies is under serious questions as money has not reached to targeted group. So, donor agencies should seriously think about the real need of this community.

So, donor agencies should evaluate the current pattern of spending money. All stakeholders including mainstream media should not forget the fact that it is BDS that made environment for this community to come public and celebrate their rights.  This community should remain united against any steps that would try to divide and rule.