Eleven thousand transgender in Morang district  

Morang (Pahichan) February 22 – Paribartanshil Samaj, a branch office of Blue Diamond Society in Morang, has said that there are eleven thousand gender and sexual minority in the district .Muskan Shrestha who was the first in District to disclose the gender identity organizing a press conference in 2064 BS, informed about the latest data of this community.

Speaking at a program organized by BDS in cooperation with Federation of Nepalese Journalists Morang Chapter, she informed that due to the lack of resources members of this community have not received the employment. She said one transgender has set up a hotel receiving two lakh supports from District Development Committee and one lakh from Municipality.

Some other members of this community are involved in weaving the clothes and beautician training. She claimed that if the opportunities are provided, this community can show high-level of leadership. She said members of this community are still facing difficulties to receive citizenship on the basis of identity. She demanded to legalize the same-sex marriage. Shrestha said they are providing training to the member of this community.

Communication Officer of BDS Madhav Dulal said a couple has approached institutionally for the same-sex marriage. “After the Supreme Court nod for living together members of this community are living together but same-sex marriage has not been legalized,” said Dulal.