First, you have to accept yourself : Limbu (Video Interview)

Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 26 – First, you have to accept yourself. It is first and important thing, only after that we can talk of others.  You have to accept yourself; it would give you energy to fight with problems.

Such remark was made by Lex Limbu. Limbu has made his identity as a blogger and he currently lives in United Kingdom. Last week, he was in Kathmandu to participate in national pride parade of LGBTI community which was organized on the auspicious occasion of Gaijatra.

He has understood the environment and about him. He is advocating for the rights of sexual and gender minority. Lex himself is a gay.  He came to know about his gender identity when he was 18 years hold as he was emotionally attracted to male.

It took nearly seven years to come up public about his gender identity. When he was 25 years old, he told his guardian with courage. Though his family tried to take it easily, it was not easy for his family. He was aware about his sexuality but it took time to become strong.

It may be due to his stay in London. His parents were about Alton Jone who was a famous musician who is a popular homosexual and he had married with a boy. The positive aspect is his family did not leave him and he did not leave his trust. This comparatively made easy to come out. His stay in London, his study and his work made him strong. It made him self-dependent. It gave him courage. He was ready to face any situation.

At the same time, there was the full support from his family. However, majority of LGBTIQ do not get such opportunity. But he is of the view that everybody should first make strong. He has certain complaints with state.

There are difficulties. He is upbeat that there has been some progress when it comes to providing rights to this community. For the first time, he participated in the parade in 2011 and he has seen a lot of changes after 2011.

He however, said there is still a need of struggle to achieve something. There are still difficulties to get citizenship and social attitude to this community is still problematic. Lex was the interest of living with family. He wants to marry with a boy who cares and loves him. “I am just like other male but I am emotionally inclined with male. I am seeking a capable male but he has to love with Nepal because I have a deep love with Nepali soil though I live far away from here,” he said.