Five thousand LGBTI in Rupandehi

Rupandehi (Pahichan) January 21 – Five thousand members of gender and sexual minority have come into the contact of Blue Diamond Society Rupandehi. Manila Neupane, Program Coordinator of BDS Bhairawaha revealed this figure in the interaction with a select group of journalist.

Neupane said members of this community are going abroad seeking job. She said early marriage in Madhesi community has caused more problems. Transgender rights activist Anik Rana though citizenship has been provided as per the gender identity, this community is excluded from other rights. Rana said members of this community are facing discrimination when they go to hospital for the treatment.

Abantika Gharti who bagged the title of first runner up in Nepal Role Model said there is gradual change in social perspective towards this community.  Suman Chepang who is in gay relationship since 11 years said due to the lack of same-sex marriage law, they are denied to live together.

Chapang said family and society is positive with her. She said members of this community must create a pressure to ensure the provisions of adoption of children. Binod BC who is in gay relation since 12 years said family of her partner is filing the case of human trafficking. Binod said there are a lot of problems due to the lack of same-sex law. In the interaction, journalist suggested for the effective implementation of laws.