Formulate special laws to protect our rights, says FSGMN 

Kathmandu (Pahichan) September 30 – Sexual and gender minority community has said that citizenship should provide a clear picture of gender and sexual variations that is prevalent in society.

The National Consultative Meeting of Federation of Sexual and Gender Minorities (FSGMN) in Nepal have demanded to make special laws in order to protect and implement the rights of sexual and gender minority.

 This community is of the view that there is not clarity on the right to equality so there are confusions regarding their rights. They suggested formulating special laws considering the constitutional provisions. The meeting was participated by sexual and gender minority of seven provinces.

They demanded to scrap the proposed provision which makes it mandatory for sexual and gender minority to present medical proof in order to get citizenship as per their gender identity.

The meeting has concluded that several provisions in Civil and Criminal Codes are discriminatory which needs to be scrapped.

Though constitution has provided the right to equality, the civil and criminal codes aim to curtail those rights. The meeting has also urged the government to publicize the report which has suggested ensuring marriage equality. The meeting also demanded to ensure parental property to the all, not only male and female. The meeting also said that government officials should have a clear understanding about sexual and gender minority. The meeting demanded to ease the process of registering the birth of children.  The meeting also demanded to ensure the access of this community in health, education and other sectors. They demanded to incorporate the issues of sexual and gender minority in school curricula.

In his concluding remarks, Sunil Babu Pant, member of First Constituent Assembly (CA) underlined the need of making campaign effective through the collaboration among stakeholders. He invited all to participate in the program of Dev Dutt Patnanaik which is going to take place this Saturday. The Federation of Sexual and Gender Minority and Pahichan Media are going to organize the program.