Govt is committed to address the concerns of LGBTI community

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 10 – It is a responsibility of state to respect, protect and promote human rights which are fundamental and unalienable rights of all human beings. State is committed to fulfill its duty through constitutional provisions, policy and program, and regulation.

All people have the rights to sufficiently enjoy the human rights and there is not any direct and indirect discrimination because constitution and laws have clearly mentioned about fundamental human rights. The rights such as freedom, equality, human dignity and identity have been cemented in the 31 fundamental rights of constitution and all sections of society can exercise their rights.

Those fundamental rights are equally applicable when it comes to rights of LGBTI community and members of this community could also enjoy the provisions mentioned in new laws.  LGBTI members can fully enjoy the rights of equality, special protection, education, employment, health, reproductive health and social justice rights.  Government is clear about it and there is not any confusion concerning rights for all sections of society.

Government is working to make an appropriate environment and infrastructures to eliminate all forms of discrimination.  Government is with LGBTI community when it is concerned addressing the discrimination against the members of this community.

The identity issue of this community is already established with issuance of citizenship and passport as per gender identity, the bill concerning the amendment of citizenship is already in Parliament.  This is the result of positive thinking of government. The civil and criminal codes have also ensured the rights of this community.

There is not any discrimination to this community in exercising the rights mentioned in constitution. Government is seriously hearing the complaints and issuers rose by this community and address those issues.

As far as the same-sex marriage is concerned, debates have begun which is a positive development. Such things will be gradually addressed according to social needs, debate and other factors.  Amendment of law is a continuous process. Our social change, awareness and our collective efforts could play decision role to lead country towards that direction. The achievements made so far should be taken in a positive way and tread the path cautiously.

 The support of this community is helpful to reach a logical conclusion.  The article 15 of constitution states that there would a record of all individual with clear identity. If members of this community intensify lobby in favor of this article, it is useful for the members of this community. The article 18 has guaranteed the rights of equality and members of this community can exercise their rights without any hesitations.

The constitution promulgated through Constituent Assembly (CA) has ensured a lot of rights. We should collectively work to secure remaining rights of this community. Government is ready to heed the concerns of this community.

Summary of the speech delivered by Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs at National Consultative Meeting.