Govt throws cold water on the expectations LGBTI community; budget fails to address this community

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 30 – Government has not incorporated any programs targeting sexual and gender minority in the budget. The budget which has given priority to the sex areas have failed to touch this community which is in desperate need of government support.

As budget has not been allocated to this community, it is vain to expect something from government by this community. Now, this community will have to rely on donor agencies to get funding to empower this community. Though the communist parties have formed government with two-third votes in the Parliament, it is totally indifferent towards the plight of LGBTI community.

The first priority of the budget is creating employment opportunities for all citizens. The budget speech states that no one shall go abroad seeking job opportunities. A bill on it will be presented in the Parliament. Similarly, students can get loan on the basis of their academic certificates.

However, there is not solid foundation that members of this community can participate in such programs. There are some programs to targeting students but there are not convincing bases that members of this community will get comfortable situation to enroll in the school and study there. The government has not mentioned about the gender and sexual minority in the budget.

Even in the heading under Women, Children and Senior citizen, there is no mention of this community. The constitution has already addressed the gender and sexual minority but it is not sure there will be separate programs targeting to this community.