Govt’s policy and program dismays LGBTI community

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 5 – Government has rejected the concept of born with excellence. Rejecting this concept, government has made a commitment of implementing the basic principles of democracy.

However, government has not provided rights to the members of sexual and gender minority. There is no mention of this community in the policy and program.  Government has pledged to strengthen national unity through social justice, social goodwill and prosperity. The social justice cannot be achieved excluding LGBTI community. Members of LGBTI community are seeking justice and human rights.

Government has also expressed to ensure independence judiciary, human rights, fundamental rights and other constitutional provisions. Though government has claimed that it has reached at the door of ordinary people, it has failed to address the concerns and plight of LGBTI community. The Policy and Program states that Nepal’s role and representation will be further enhance in international platforms.

Government is dilly-dallying to provide rights to this community. The policy and program does not speak on how to ensure the representation of this community in international level. Government has claimed that it would join hands will all stakeholders but it has not given any priority to this community.

Is it possible to collaborative with all sections of society excluding this community?  All sections of society have not taken the ownership of policy and program. The government has pledged to launch awareness program in society to end the child marriage, dowry tradition, Chaupadhi among others. However, there are not any programs on how to end the discrimination that third gender are facing.

The policy and program further states that people’s access to justice will be increased,  and legal assistance will be provided to women who are facing violence, single women, children, people with disability and senior citizens. The concerns of LGBTI community are not addressed in policy and program. Now, there is debate on my government, the term used by President.  Is not this government for LGBTI community? LGBTI members are asking such questions.

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