Here is the reality of Priya who change her sexual organ 

Kanchanpur (Pahichan) July 4 – In the last few days, news is going viral in social media. Surendra Singh Mal (boy) has changed his sexual organ to become girl (Priya). Once the news hit social media, we six people reached at the home of Surendra Singh Mal.

After reaching the home of Surendra which is located in Dhomlila in Krishnapur Municipality-1, he talked with the mother. Mother told us that Surendra who arrived in Nepal after changing sexual organ in India, currently lives in Mahendranagar. We came to know that Anisha Dhamala who was a member of our team had introduciton with Priya. After talking with the mother of Priya, we went to Mahendranagar to meet.  We met in District Police officer. When we encountered, he was furious.

“I am a boy and some people are saying that I have become female,” Priya said. There was slight debate. Yesterday, we received a call from police office. Police said, “The member of your community has turned naked and making noise here.” We immediately reached there and there was a big crowd there. He was engaged in loose talks.

“I am a boy but my sexual organ was forcefully changed,” she added. We asked him why he is wearing the dress of women. There were some discussions. After the sexual organ was cut, there were the feelings of women. Then we started to talk with SP Dinesh Kumar Acharya.

There were discussions with Priya’s mother and other relatives of village. Anisha showed the facebook conservation held between her and Priya(Surendra). There was the request to help to get citizenship in the name of third gender.

When Surendra started to give torture and threat to mother and father, the reality came out. There have been negative comments without knowing the reality. Such news would create confusions and provide negative message about sexual and gender minority.

Writer is the program coordinator of Sahayatra Nepal, an NGO works for the welfare of sexual and gender minority.