How to make NGOs and INGOs more effective ?

Kathmandu (Pahichan) January 6 – According to Organization Registered Act 2034, there are more than 46 thousand NGOs/ INGO are registered. Many organizations such as Dalit, disabled, tribe, sexual and gender minority, education, women, widow women, Dalit women, HIV AIDS and other more are working with in this area.

Many organizations have done remarkable works but some organizations are working only to make money. After government introduced new policy in 2074/2075, many organizations are completely dismissed. It is amazing to see that some organizations are counted heavily and well-known organizations even with in the worldwide.

Different organizations have their own and different issues as well as have their rights. Also include about the education and health, even about identity.  They all are different definitely. But, the organization work for freedom of human rights and fight against for equal rights mentioned in the Constitution are not able to decrease in small amount.

It seems amazing when is being enhancement of human rights which is absolutely given to the people after his birth. After selling the name and issue of dollars and dollars have been deducted at least afterwards should I have at least been inconvenience since the same year since that same issue asked for the same right?

But it made me laugh when all are unknown about their rights and own identity. What you have done? What changes had come?  Up to now, what kind of changes we can see? It may be simple for you but for coming generations for the rights they do not able to bring the conflicts. This is the issues for all of us. But where is the issue of education and health?

Where is the business occupation issue? Where is the important issue like Citizenship? Where is the issue of same sex marriage? Where is the demand of equal rights?

What you had done except bowing down to donors. Where did it remain the bill of the citizenship? Where is the bill of marriage? How they will understand when they didn’t know about their own rights. Forever your life established as like now. All the best for upcoming days.

This is personal opinion of intersex rights activist Bipin Kadayat.