I transplanted by sexual organ and became woman: Lama

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 8 – Sandhaya Lama, a permanent resident of Hetauda, Makawanpur, was born as a son. Sometimes, the gift provided by nature itself becomes a problem. The same happened in the context of Sandhya. Though born as son, behavior was not like a son. The gesture, walking style and speaking style was like a daughter. He was attracted to activities of girl.

Verbal blow

He was not aware about her identity and behavior in the childhood. As he shared some features of girl, family members gift her clothes of girl. Later, family members also came to know but they were not vocal. However, elder brother used to scold saying Chhaka. It used to make him nervous but his mind was blank and he was not in position to give answer. He used to wipe in the darkroom and express grievances.

Same situation was in school. He was different from others: body of male but feelings of girl. There were no friends with whom feelings could be shared. Therefore, friends used to mock her and she faced verbal barbs several. He had few boyfriends.

Therefore, he used to spend time with girls but there were overwhelming pain within him. He used to look at a mirror and complete about the status. While thinking, he used to feel boring. She used to satisfy herself saying that it is god’s gift to her. He used to curse the god.

His sexual organ was of boy but attracted to boys. He was, however, unaware that sexual intercourse could take place between male. However, he used to get attracted with boys. He used to like a boy in the school. However, there was no meeting of minds. Girls used to like him as he was handsome. He used to receive love letter but he was not attracted with other boys. There are also the cases that he liked teacher and there are many such cases.

After completing SLC, he came to know that he is a transgender and he came to know that there is a big population of this community and he is not alone. He wanted to meet others. His sister suggested to go  Ratna Park and meet friends. He went to Blue Diamond Society and he thought that he is in sea. He was happy to meet with friends there. He started to take medicine before the transplant. In 2017, he transplanted his sexual organ. Before transplant, it was not comfortable for her to wear the clothes. It is very difficult to become girl from transgender. For girl, it is not easy to move in the morning and evening.

He was an employee in Blue Diamond Society and salary was 35 thousand where she worked for eight years. He collected the money, went to Bangkok and changed the sexual organ.

He spent 15 lakh for the transplant surgery. He also earned money from dance bar. It is not easy to conduct surgery and hard to convince the doctor. Sexual organ could be changed only after 18 years.

After surgery, he became women but she cannot give birth to children. Transplantation of uterus is possible but it is very expensive.  He is in relationship and it has been ten years.

They were in relationship before the surgery. She is of the view death sentence is not the prudent way to minimize the incidents of rape. She was the experience of both male and female. She also suggested making the sexual organ of rapist inactive.

Translated report published in Nepal Aaj.