Inclusive Commission bill negates the concerns of this community

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 14 – There have been efforts to formulate laws for the formulation of inclusive commission as per the constitution provisions. However, members of gender and sexual minority are not incorporated in the overall process. Experts have suggested to amend bill prepared for same purpose.

According to them, there is representation marginalized, disable and transgender in the process. Blue Diamond Society has requested Local Development Ministry to make the process inclusive. In the meeting organized by Social Justice and Human Rights Committee of Parliament, they complained of not being inclusive.

They said bill has not addressed the concerns of Khas, Arya, backward community, people with disability. They suggested to table the bill only after the amendment. Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development has proposed the bill.

Chairman of BDS Pinky Gurung has cautioned that there cannot be formulation of laws that goes against article 18 and 42 of constitution. The letter dispatched to Minister Hitraj Pandey said states that the issue of gender and sexual minority is not mentioned in the bill. Similarly, it says that members of this community should get rights like other community.