Intersex Bipin’s letter to Khadka

Kathmandu (Pahichan) January 9 – The news relating to the statement provided by Secretary at State Affairs and Good Governance Committee of Parliament made sexual and gender minority disappointed.

A high-level government officials accused us of exploiting dollor for sexual and gender minority which is really a sad thing.  Khadka sir, members of sexual and gender minority are not the citizen of this country?

And, cannot we live our lives with our own identity? You may know more than me. According to the institutional registration Act 2034, there are 46 thousand NGOs and NGOs in Nepal. Are they the source of earning dollars? All the changes in Nepal and future happening are not due to the dollar. LGBTI community needs rights and identity and their rights are guaranteed in constitution.

I would like to remind a historic verdict made by Supreme Court issued on Poush 6, 2064. The verdict has drawn international attention and it has served as a resource document for many countries. When, India gave a verdict on same-sex relation, it took the reference of Nepal. You should have felt uncomfortable when you said those journalists are raising this issue for the money. The article 12, 18 and 42 of the constitution has clearly ensured the rights of this community which must be respected by all.

It is the freedom of every citizen to get the right according to identity. Millions of rights activist are in the fight for their identity. You should remember that millions of rights activist cannot stay silent when you are giving the name of earning dollars. Many countries have already moved forward on the subject of sexual and gender minorities. As a common citizen I request you to understand about this community. It is a matter of surprise for me to know such remarks from you.