Jeshika’s struggle to establish her identity

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 17 – Our society, which is entangled to the equality issues between male and female so that there is not very easy for transgender equality. But some transgender talents are entrepreneurs making them self-sustained, through many problems in the society.

To be similar example, from resident Kohalpur Municipality, ward no. 11 Jeshika Khadka Khatri. She is active in the artist field.I.e. Capable to sing song in both male and female voice. She has bizarre talent.

After her birth, she was Jivan Khadka. But as she grew up, her mind was like a daughter she did not know. Like a daughter she wants to use make up and want to be beautiful. Also want to wear daughter dress. As natural feelings her behavior were developed as a daughter. However, she could not share such behavior with her parents.  Jeshika said, “Why I was so different from other individuals. From the child age group13-14.At that time she had realized her identity but not able to disclose the identity.

When she entered in the age of teenage then she realized that she were naturally different from others male and female. Her identity is different from male and female and she dared to say in society she is not Jiwan, as a Jeshika. It has been only two years since she disclosed their gender identity.

Firstly, she did not know that a person like us is in the society and also for them there kept separate laws for such society people. From Nepalgunj, Paschim Tara Nepal Chairman Parina Choudhary. Due to her motivation, she gathered confidence to disclose her identity.

For the first time Jessica able to said her father that I am Jeshika, not a Jiwan. But due to his father’s mindset and fear of society. At the same time, father and mother also died. Then Jeshika introduces herself to brother and sister-in-law. Unfortunately Due to the positive thinking and cooperation, she got the support to live with her own identity.

When she was 19 -20 years when she share identity to father and also abuse me then used to share with sister-in – law. And questioned to sister- in –law that, “When I born as other ordinary individual but also my feeling were different from natural birth”? Then, sister-in-law share with brother. At last not least, they suggest me to do anything’s according to wills. Jeshika said I had got big support from the sister-in-law.

From the childhood Jeshika was deeply interested to dancing and singing. She were participated in small and small program organized by villagers  as dancing as well as singing song in both voice. So from that time she recognizes herself as artist. At the same time, she met Tikapur singer Mission Choudhary. Mission had established her in the musically field through his own Tharu song.

At first, she sang a song in Chaudhary language. She gathered a lot of support.  Recently Jessica’s released voice two songs are found in market. She has presented dancing and singing in about two dozen stages of State 5, Karnalistate and Sudhurpareshim state. The demand for this field is growing per day. During this, Jessika is collecting both the positive as well as negative feedback from the audience.

Many of the Western regions have not understood about the positive concept towards the transgender.  Jeshica said that, they had seen from different approach and for me there were difficult to move outside from house. Jeshika suffered a lot of difficult times in the program. How much heedlessness or abusive hearing should be heard like a ‘Chakka’, ‘Hijjada’ and other unlistenable word.

Jeshica is proud of being identified as a transgender artist. But she was failure yet to change the opinion of the society which may hurt her until now. Jeshika say, from the society and family does not allow disgrace the person like me and let him/her get to be impressed outside. Let them move ahead according to their wishes.

Jeshika does not have any negative fear toward the society due to which has been digging the disgrace of society in many ways. She has only dream of dedicating life to artistic and social service. Soto fulfill the dream, Jeshika suggests other talented like her to show their talent with the dare.