Jiudo Aakash is a symbol of transgender : Gurung

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 3 – Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinky Gurung has said that Jiudo Aakash is a symbol of transgender. Gurung said that Jiudo Aakash is a mirror of pain and sentiments of transgender.

Gurung further added that Jiudo Aakash should become the change agent in the society. Unveiling the book penned by Chandra Prasad Pandey, Gurung said it has raised the issues of transgender.

Gurung further added that the plights, discrimination faced by this community and its repercussions are presented in a very artistic way. Gurung believes that it would help to change mass opinion towards transgender.

“Our society is still not feeling comfortable to understand and accept the existence of transgender and their rights,” Gurung said. She said this book should each in every households and drama should be staged in rural areas. She said members of this community are facing discrimination even in micro bus.

Pandey’s book was unveiled on the occasion of Nepal International Drama Festival. The Jiudo Aakash drama is being staged for 86 times. Now, the drama has been translated into a book, Actor Anil Subba said. In the drama, Subba has played the role of transgender. Theatre Artist Sunil Pokhrel has contratulated for presenting the issue in a creative and successful way.

Cine Artist Dayahang Rai said dialogue would be easy after the translation of cinema into a book. Cine Artist Prakash Angdambhe said that no one has the right to say right or wrong to the existence provided by nature. Theatre Artist Gunjan Dixit said if this story is incorporated in school curricula, it would help to minimize discrimination against this community.