Lawmakers mum on LGBTI issues

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 24 – Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizens and lawmakers are totally silent when it comes to the issues of sexual and gender minority.

This is the line ministry which is responsible to raise the issue of this community but lawmakers have not put any questions to the minister.

The constitution has ensured the rights of this community but lawmakers made her easy without speaking in Parliament. Minister Tham maya thapa informed that Gender Violence Trust has been established.

Women who suffer from various types of gender-related violence would get fund from this fund. In its website, Ministry has said that it would launch awareness and empowerment program to women, children, people with disability and third gender.

While addressing in Parliament, Minister Thapa did not mentioned about the programs which will be launched targeting third gender.

This means program for this community is confined only in website.  In the current fiscal year, Ministry had allocated budget for this community but there are not any programs for this community in budget. The policy and program presented in Parliament does not have any components for LGBTI community.