Let us provide us an environment to work : Anjal

Kathmandu/Pahichan – The voice was very low. Once it is spoken some people used to silently speaker each other saying that, the voice is like a girl.’ Anjal was reluctant to speak and she used to avoid speaking. She used wear the shawl of her mother. She was born as boy and she has the girl’s character. She used to get attracted with boys. However, she was not sharing her desire with others.“Though, I was boy my hearth and habits were like female but I suppressed by desire,” he said, adding that school friends used to tease her saying she looks like a girl. She was not support from her family. She used to adjust herself in the society but she used to conceal her identity. Her father and mother were separated and she started to live with her mother.

The economic condition was very weak and she was feeling moral pressure to support her mother. She approached some places seeking jobs but she was ousted from job due to the different nature and character. The attitude of teacher was entirely different so she dropped her education. She was struggling on what is her actual identity.

In social media, she met some friends like with her. She arrived in Blue Diamond Society and came to know that she is a transgender woman. She shared this with family members. Mother was somehow convinced but Father did not accept her identity. Her father said that she defamed his name and he would not provide parental property if she gives up the son’s identity. While visiting outside the home we would be daughters, while she goes to home, she will be in son’s dress.  She was waiting for the day when her guardian tells her to come in girl’s get up.

In 2018, she won the title of Miss Pink and faced the media. When she faces question like how she would conduct sexual intercourse and prospects of children and sexual organs, she feels hurt. She feels surprise when members of this community are treated separately. “I want to create space for transgender women not only in Nepal but also around the world,” she said. She said there is a need of struggle to establish rights of this community.

She said humans should be free to marry. She is in favor of providing equal access to this community in the state mechanisms. Though constitution has already accepted this community, there is not favorable environment for this community in the society, she said. She further added that society should grant an appropriate environment for the members of this community without any discrimination.