LGBTI community enjoys equal rights : Khatiwada

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 29 – Manju Khatiwada, Deputy Director at Nepal Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has made a presentation on “Role of NHRC for the protection of the human rights of sexual and gender minorities in Nepal.”

Khatiwada made such presentation at a program organized by NHRC. She shed light on introduction of NHRC, its constitutional mandate, and role and responsibility and government intervention on human rights.

In her presentation about LGBTI community she said, “LGBTI people have the same human rights as all individuals. Sexual and gender minorities community is one of the minorities communities of Nepal.” Khatiwada also highlighted the rights guaranteed by constitution mainly article 12, 18 and 42.

Khatiwada also elaborated about the legal framework of this community: Citizenship Regulation and guidelines, Passport Regulation, Supreme Court Decisions, NHRAP, and Same Sex Study Committee submitted report to the government and initiation to formulate the laws in relation to same sex marriages.

She highlighted about the role of NHRC for the protection of human rights of this community. She said, “NHRC Nepal has initiated investigations and monitoring on LGBTI related cases. Several correspondences have been made to the GON, Nepal police and local administration to address LGBTI’s rights violation issues. Various programs on capacity development and promotion of human rights are implemented.”

“LGBTI Focal point at all central, provincial and branches offices of NHRC are in place. Focal Commissioner has been assigned and GESI Division is responsible for advocacy and campaigning on the emerging issues of LGBTI people,” she added.  According to her, NHRC is also handling the complaints of this community related to discrimination and violence to this community. NHRC is also monitoring and reporting the human rights violation of this community.