LGBTI community to knock the door of court demanding marriage rights

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 12 – Members of sexual and gender minorities are preparing to knock the door of Supreme Court demanding marriage rights. They said that they will file a writ in SC demanding to ensure their marriage rights.

Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinky Gurung said the rights mentioned in the constitution have not been implementing. “Due to the lack of legal provisions, members of this community are reluctant to disclose their identity.  She said there is not access of this community in the field of health, education and other sectors.

“Human being is a social creator so that he or she needs partners to love together,” Gurung said. Gurung also underlined the need of modifying the curricula addressing the concerns of this community.

Gay rights activist Anuj Peter said members of this community must get the rights to marry. “We need somebody to take care when we get older,” Peter said.  “Citizenship is not sufficient for us, we must get the rights to marry with the people whom we like and love,” Peter added.

Peter recalled the writ registered at the time of receiving the citizenship. Members of this community received citizenship and passport on the basis of identity following the court order.