LGBTI should be a part of upcoming national census

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 28 – There is not official record about the actual population of sexual and gender minatory. In the previous statistics conducted 10 years ago, the number of this community was very minimal than their actual presence in society. Non-governmental organizations are saying that population of this community is nearly half million but government data did not show it.

Only four thousands have identified themselves as sexual and gender minority.  According to an official at Central Bureau of Statistics, following the suggestions by non-governmental organizations, the number of this community was not made public by department in the previous count.

Non-governmental organizations, however, are of the view that as Bureau did not conduct the census of this population, it is not appropriate to announce the assumed number.

The census is not LGBTI friendly, the officials deployed for the same purpose do not understand this community and there is tendency of asking about the existence of other gender than male and female.

Now, Bureau is preparing to launch nation-wide census campaign. However, there is not still clarity about the census of this community. Bureau is of the view that they would reach conclusion after the consultations with stakeholders. Organizations working in this field have not approached requesting to conduct census about this community.

They still have the time to press Bureau to make arrangement for the census of this community. After the 10 years, country’s situation has drastically changed, now we have a new constitution which has ensured the rights of this community. The Constitution has ensured the proportional representation of this community. The number of this community to receive citizenship as per their gender identity has reached 1500.

There is social awareness about this community and government officials are more aware about this community. Bureau should arrangement separate forms targeting this community. In the public service vacancy, around three hundred members of this community have disclosed their identity. It shows that the number of this community is high.

Therefore, this community should not hesitate to count the number of this community and make public.  Non-governmental organizations should encourage this community to participate in census.