Limbu says: Transgender should not use drugs (video)

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 11 – Transgender Rihana Limbu has suggested the members of sexual and gender minority not to use drugs.

When Limbu was 12-13 years old, her biological organ was of male but her gestures, appearance and other behaviors were like female. “I suggest not using drugs only having separate sexuality,” Limbu said. Being depressed due to confusions over gender identity, Rihana suffered from depression and used drugs. “I failed to convince society about my identity that is why I was addicted to drugs and it was very difficult for me to come out from this,” Limbu said.

Limbu is former drug user.  Now, she has launched a campaign of asking members of this community not to use drugs. She said due to the traditional mindset that there are only male and female in the society, she was rejected in society.

Speaking to Pahichan, Limbu said she used drugs for about 11 years. “I was confusion about myself during the time of growing up. There was no one to inform me about my sexuality,” she added. She faced sexual violence by male several times. “Everyone has sexual desire. There are some males who follow us for sexual purpose,” she said.

“I am really worried to see the suffering of transgender but I cannot do anything, in each and every step we are facing more discrimination than male and female.” She is of the view that without a change in social mindset, discrimination against transgender would not come to an end.