‘Ma Hoina Ma’ wins the support from 10 million viewers

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 14 – It is ordinary for cinema, songs and music to gather the support of millions of views and audiences. It would be me hard for those films which are not screened in cinema hall.

However, cinema ‘Ma Hoina Ma’ has received the support of more than 10 million. But, it is not because of the name of cinema.

The key message of film is that it not appropriate to force homosexual to live marriage with heterosexual and there should not be such marriages.

The Norwegian Embassy in Kathmandu produced this film in collaboration with Blue Diamond Society and both organizations intend to give same message.

Altogether 35 lakhs were spent to make this film which was screened in international film festival in 2017. After the screening of film there, the film was posted in the youtube channel of Pahichan Media.

Now, this film is attracting largest number of viewers. This is the first film in Nepal which only focuses on same-sex marriage, same-sex relation, marriage rights, house, family and society and their views on those issues.

Films are regarded as a mirror of society but there is discrimination to the people who are living in same-sex relation and society is not paying sufficient attention to their plights which is clearly demonstrated in film. Very nice, very good, fantastic movie, I like these movies are the some feedbacks we are receiving and there are also comments that they do not like this film.

There are 900 comments and it is liked by 11 thousand and 5400 people have disliked it. Though, we do not have same-sex law, there is a film. The ten million viewers of this film show that support it is receiving.

If laws are formulated, members of this community can live a happy life. The level of awareness is very few. Very few people who are in policy level understand the issue of this community.

Members of this community complain that their concerns and plights are never heeded by those people who are in power. The majority government and bureaucracy have never realized that rights must be provided to this community. Ilam Dixit has directed the film and time duration of film is 1 hour and 25 minutes. The film was produced by Bhushan Dahal and it is produced by Blue Diamond Society.