Members of this community should get more rights : Pokhrel

Doti (Pahichan) June 15- Sushil Pokhrel, Deputy Soil Preservation of  Doti district has said that members of gender and sexual minority should get more rights and opportunities than other community.

Appealing members of this community to disclose their identity, he said that members of this community should get more rights than Dalit, women, Janajati and other marginalized community.

He expressed such opinion in the district coordination meeting by District Chapter of Blue Dimaond society. He said like Anjali Lama and Pinky Gurung, members of this community should disclose their identity.

He requested to organize the interactions in the street saying that it has been easy to know members of this community due to openness adopted by members of this community. Other participates stressed that as members of this community are facing discrimination, they should be provided various opportunities.