Minister Gurung has a big responsibility of legalizing same-sex marriage

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 28 – Now we have a new minister at Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare, replacing Tham Maya Thapa. Parbat Gurung has taken the responsibility of the Ministry. There are already criticisms for appointing a male minister at women Ministry. It is not logical to say that only women minister can address the issues of women.

Obviously, he has a challenge of addressing the issue of women. More than that, he has a big responsibility of addressing the concerns sexual and gender minority, mainly legalizing same-sex marriage through the promulgation of new law.

A government committee has already submitted a report to government stating that same-sex marriage could be legalized. It has been long since the report was prepared but there has not been any progress to promulgate the law. Tham Maya Thapa failed to push the proposal.

Minister Gurung has pledged to give priority to formulate laws to end all types of social discrimination. But he has the responsibility of addressing the plights of women, children, senior citizens and sexual and gender minority.

He has pledged to make a working plan within two months. So we have to wait till he comes up with his own plan but it is better if he pushes the plan formulated by previous minister instead of investing time and energy for new one. More than that, he has the responsibility of addressing growing violence to women and sexual and gender minority. The constitution has addressed the issues of minority groups including sexual and gender minority but laws are yet to be formulated.