Miss Pink aims to display hidden talents of gender minorities

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 12 – Miss pink, which is considered as a beauty pageant now, was first held in 2004. At that time it was organized just to promote for safety measures such as Condom and Lubricants. Now, the competition not only stands for promoting safety measures but also an opportunity to LGBTI members to show own hidden talents, and give the message of equal human rights.

We have come so far from the back and have changes in the perception of community members and we aspire to continue it. The pageant which has touched many lives and it leads to an inspirational pageant for every transgender women.

May 17 is world day against transphobia and homophobia and this competition is taking place on the same day.  Such pageants help to show visibility and existence of sexual and gender minorities in our society. In some manner such pageants helps to change the perception of people towards LGBTIQ community.

So far, winner of the pageant is also having an opportunity to participate in “Miss International Queen”. This also helps us to have an international exposure too. We hope that by conducting such events, our community members’ talent will come into limelight. This is expected to create space for LGBTI community.

Training session begins