Misses Lumbini aims to highlight the talent of married women

Rupandehi (Pahichan) April 21 – Operator of RN Style Resham Neupane has said that Misses Lumbini was organized to bring the hidden talent of married women into light.

The program was attended by 11 married women. He said along with male and female, they are providing opportunity to third gender and homosexual in such competition. Anik Rana was the lead member in jury.

Rana said that they are working for the welfare of all male and female. “It is not true that sexual and gender minority would raise only their voices, they raises the voices of male and female also,” Rana said.

Sonika Khadka of Lumbini bagged the award of second Misses Lumbini Season. She bagged 15 thousand along with certificates.

Ranjana Rana became first runner up and Garima BC secured the title of second runner up.  The title of Misses perfect was secured by Ranjana Bhusal, Sarita Rana on vibor and  Neha Sharma secured the title of organizer choice. Sundar Gurung and Rekha Rana were the member of Jury.