Mitini Nepal deplores Khadka’s statement

Kathmandu (Pahichan) January 1 – Mitini Nepal has said that its serious attention has been drawn to the statement provided by Sudarshan Khadka, Secretary at Parliament’s State Affairs and Good Governance Committee.

Earlier, Khadka has said that issue of sexual and gender minority is not a national issue. Though constitution has ensured the rights of gender and sexual minority, Khadka outright rejected it saying that members of this community should not get separate rights.

 When a journalist approached him seeking the advice and suggestions provided by sexual and gender minority, Khadka criticized this community. Mitini Nepal has deplored the statement provided by Khadka.

“Khadka blamed that agenda of LGBTI are pushed by the people who are earning dollar which is totally wrong. Are you working in Parliament without money? Is it appropriate to deliver such irresponsible remark by a senior government official?” Mitini said in a press statement.

The statement issued by Chairman Laxmi Ghalan has said that Khadka cannot deliver such irresponsible statement. Khadka has been urged to correct his speech. Mitini Nepal has further added that it is a matter of worry that Civil and Criminal codes have not addressed the issues of sexual and gender minority.

 The article 18 and 42 of constitution has addressed the concerns of sexual and gender minority. The organization further added that some of the provisions of Citizenship Bills are impractical.