NCM concludes issuing 13-point Kathmandu declaration

Kathmandu (Pahichan) September 27 – Sexual and gender minority has deplored government and political parties for not incorporating the issues of this community in the law-making process.

Issuing a 13-point Kathmandu Declaration National Consultative Meeting of LGBTI community demanded to formulate laws respecting constitutional provisions. Though constitution has cemented the rights of this community, no laws have been formulated to implement those rights.

 The meeting demanded to mention the rights of this community while preparing laws and bylaws as per the constitutional provisions. The declaration also criticized the political parties for not incorporating the rights of this community in the civil and criminal codes which came into effect from this month.

Similarly, meeting demanded to formulate a law that legalizes the same-sex marriage along with ensuring the rights of child adaptation and providing citizenship right to them.

The major points of declaration:

The meeting criticizes the government and parties for not incorporating the issues of these communities in the laws formulated to implement fundamental right section of constitution.  The laws which will be formulated according to constitutional provisions must incorporate the health, employment, security and representation issues of this community.

The civil and criminal codes have not addressed the issues such as same-sex marriage, adaptation of children among others. We firmly demand to implement the suggestions made by government committee on same-sex marriage.

There is a need of change of some provisions in the citizenship act tabled in Parliament mainly on the provisions related to providing citizens to the members of this community.

There is a need of change of government laws and regulation in order to prevent discrimination against this community.

All the educational institutions should be LGBTI friendly and for the same purpose there is a need of changing existing laws

There is a need of clear and comfortable form when new statistics campaign is launched in 2078. Members of this community should be deployed as staffs

We urge federal, provincial and local government to allocate certain budget for this community along with preparing policy and programs.

We are expecting financial support from all concerned stakeholders for the treatment of HIV affected people.

We are committed to launch awareness programs reflecting the diversity of this community and we are committed to increase the visibility of this community in social media

We are committed to provide all supports to media, artists and people from cinema in order to raise the issues of this community.

We are ready to support in preparing CEDAW report and we will lobby internationally to highlight this issue.

We are committed to inform people about the agenda of this community and we express our solidarity to the campaigns of women and other marginalized community. Families of this community will be invited in our activities.