“New constitution should ensure the rights of sexual and gender minorities”

Kathmandu(Pahichan), July 9—Homosexuals and transgender have said that new constitution should ensure the rights of gender and sexual minorities. Rights activist said it is a great achievements to mention in preliminary draft of constitution that citizenship would be provided on the basis of gender identity.

They said as sexual and gender minorities obviously means homosexual, transgender and this issue has already been mentioned at explanatory part of constitution.  Constitutional experts have also said that it would be great achievement if the current provision in preliminary draft is also included in final constitution. They said constitution can not provide detail languages.

Legal Adviser of Blue Diamond Society Advocate Prem Bahadur Thapa told Pahichan online that there are no reasons to express doubts  because  there are clear provisions that there shall not be discrimination on the basis of sexual orientations. He said state can not discriminate  gender and sexual minorities while formulating laws, and country can make special arrangements for the protection of community.

“The issue has been incorporated under the social justice which is a positive development,” Thapa said. Former lawmaker Sunil Babu Pant played a vital role in previous CA to make this success now. “This community will not forget the contribution made by Pant,” said Thapa.

Many words such as Maruni, Mauga, Kothi, Meti, Sangaru, Hijada are used for homosexual and transgender.  Pant said such words are being bused internationally.  “All people should work to gain more rights which is not achieved yet,” Panta said. Transgender activists also  requested not to provide any states that would deny rights to community.