New five-year plan breaches constitution, human rights issues

Kahtmandu (Pahichan) April 9 – National Planning Commission has come up with five-year plan. The plan will be enforced once cabinet endorses it. It is 15th plan since Nepal adopted planned development process and it is a first plan after the implementation of federal structure. So, it should be understood in a way that it is a framework for the effective implementation of constitution.

Every government plan should be in line with the constitution. The 404 long documents which consists a lot of things, however, has not touched upon a very import issue which has been guaranteed by the constitution. The article 18 and 42 of constitution has been totally neglected which is a serious breach of constitution.

Those articles have guaranteed inclusive proportional rights of all sections of people. This article has also paved the way to make special arrangements for marginalized community. The draft of plan however, has not mentioned about the constitution. There is no mentioning of gender and sexual minority. The document only talks about the gender inequality.

This has caused a dismay among sexual and gender minority because they are eagerly waiting the constitution in its letter and spirit.  In each and every government plan and policy, the constitutionally guaranteed rights should be implemented. Only mentioning of rights in constitution sans implementation does not make any sense. It is also a violation of human rights to move ahead without addressing the concerns of all sections.