No discrimination to LGBTI in all social schemes

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 31 – There is a social understanding that only male and female exist in society. Society is yet to fully accept the reality that there are other categories than male and female. Even the people who are in power have the same mindset. People who are in power know this fact but they are pretending so. Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen is also hearing the voices of sexual and gender minority.

Ministry is conducting three programs on the annual basis. They are hearing the voices but they are not acting to address the issues of sexual and gender minority. Even Minister is not serious about and bureaucracy is not serious to address this issue. Ministry is failing to convince the people that there is existence of sexual and gender minority in the society. They enjoy equal rights like male and female. Though constitution and laws have treated in an equal way, there is discrimination in government level.

The state is reluctant to accept the separate gender identity. National Human Rights Commission is receiving complaints on male, female and people with separate identity. In the forms of NHRC and Public Service Commission and forms related to foreign visit, male  and female and others category are mentioned.  This is identity of sexual and gender identity. The Supreme Court and circular of Ministry of Home Affairs in their circular have mentioned this community under O category.

All members of this community are not receiving citizenship under O category.  Facilities and other opportunity are a far issue. Members of this community are expecting equal rights and facilities like male and female. Members of this community want to walk freely in the street like male and female.

Officials of the insurance feel surprise when they are asked members of this community could be discriminated in insurance scheme.  Even the branch managers are not confident about the insurance scheme for this community.

Earlier, there are the cases that LGBTI communities were returned back when they tried to receive an insurance scheme. Even the insurance companies feel that sexual and gender minorities are weak. The insurance company which was established a year ago may not have knowledge about sexual and gender minority. Insurance company should understand this community and should offer insurance scheme without any discrimination. Members of this community should get the opportunity to take all scheme and benefit without any discrimination.