Out of seven only two budget are LGBTI -friendly

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 19 – The federal government did not mention even a single word of LGBTI in its budget, further depressing sexual and gender minority. There is same scenario in the provinces except two provincial governments who seem comparatively progressive, compared to other provincial governments.

Only province no.3 and 5 have addressed the issues of this community, others have totally neglected this community. It seems only two provincial governments were serious to implement the constitutional provisions which has recognized this community.

The constitution has clearly provided the inclusive proportional rights to this community. The budgetary provisions should have been reflected but this is not happening.

The province no.3 has allocated budget under the women, children and social welfare section. As per the budget, special programs will be implemented targeting this community. Similarly, province no.5 has allocated budget in the name of this community.

The budget talks about creating awareness and providing vocation trainings to people with disability, women, children, women, senior citizens, sexual minority, caste discrimination and issues related to cybercrimes.  Gandaki, Sudurpachim, province no. 1 and province no.2 have not allocated budget for this community.

The Gandaki province has allocated budget for the social security and women empowerment but there is not any budget for sexual and gender minority.  Without accommodating this community, it is not possible to ensure social security. Similarly, Sudurpachim budget has allocated budget for women, children, Dalits ,  single women and other marginalized communities but has missed sexual and gender minority.

Budget has also been allocated to update the lists of marginalized community but there are not any budgets for  this community. The province no. 1 government has allocated budget for women, children, senior citizens, disabled and other community but there is no budget for sexual and gender minority. It seems that province no.1 lacks awareness and knowledge on LGBTI community.

There is same situation in Karnali provinces, other communities have received budget but there is not budget for this community.  The province no. 2 has given priority to the marginalized community and poor and budget has not allocated accordingly but there is no mentioning of sexual and gender minority. The province no. 2 government has not clearly defined the word marginalized community.