Pant express serious objection over the speech made by a leader of ‘Grater Nepal’ group who is campaigning for “Greater Nepal”

Kathmandu (Pahichan) January 22 – Former member of Constituent Assembly (CA) Sunil Babu Pant has expressed a serious objection over the speech made by a leader of ‘Grater Nepal’ group who is campaigning for “Greater Nepal” in a recently help protest in front of India embassy in Kathmandu. Greater Nepal which is advocating returning back the Nepali land, as they claimed, captured by India has recently said that the government of Nepal and parliament are run by people like third genders and eunuchs.

Pant said such remarks are objectionable and disrespectful; and very one knows currently there is no representation of third genders in the Parliament and government departments.  “If you feel that country would make progress and there would be development by mocking third genders and scolding this community, you have best wishes from our community. But, no one should skip from their responsibility by pointing finger to one another and saying the other leader is like a third gender, ” said Pant.

Pant expressed displeasure for leaders  labeling other leaders, ministers, government and parliamentarian as a third gender stating that it is a derogatory statement for this community. Indicating to Greater Nepal, he said: “If you even can’t respect marginalized community, how can you develop the nation, let alone you achieving a goal of ‘grater Nepal’?”

Pant said that media and civil society must start discussions on the very matter. “Now, mainstream media and civil society should kick start a discussion whether to allow any space for such derogatory and abusive statements, as such statements do not serve any purpose, rather they would help to further marginalize this community,” he said.