Plights of sexual and gender minority in society

Rupandehi (Pahichan) June 10 – Reshan Neupane (32) was expelled from family when his third gender identity was revealed. Born in Devdha of Rupandehi was expelled from family in the early age.

He was forced to severe ties with family after family members started to thrash him. In the absence of family love and care, he could not continue his study as well. Family and society did not accept his identity so he several times tried to commit suicide. Seeking the job, he travelled to Kathmandu.

“I was a boy but my soul was female and it was like winning a battle,” he said. He also faced discrimination is Kathmandu as well so he was forced to adopt sex as a profession. He earned name under the title of Reshma Darling.

“There were no one to care me when I used to reach home late because even the fathers and mothers were not with me,” he further added. Later, he started the job of director. Now, he is a popular director from LGBTI community.

Now, he is active in his profession and social service. “Now, I am to surprise all by my work that used to call of Chhaka in the past,” he said.

Awantika Gharti Magar of Palpa Tanseen also suffered from physical, mental and social violance for being transgender. She was also expelled from family in early age being transgender. “I used to be humiliated by people in school but I met a friend like me,” she said. Now, she is advocating for the rights of sexual and gender minority.

Shishir Bhattarai of Agharkhachi has similar experiences. Bhattarai was tortured by parents when they came to know about his inter-sex identity. “I was not allowed to sit our friends in school. I did not get any treatment in school as well,” Bhattarai said. Bhattarai is currently in Butwal.

“What crime do I commit being an inter-sex? Why family so that society is not accepting me,” Bhattarai added. These are just representative cases, members of sexual and gender minorities are facing similar problems.

“Our identity is not accepted so people still call use with other derogative names,” said Aanik Rana, chair of BDS Rupandei Chapter. She said everywhere only male and female  is mentioned and they do not have rights.