Police Cyber Bureau ready to address crime against sexual and gender minority

Kathmandu (Pahichan) September 26 – Central Cyber Bureau of Nepal Police has said that they treat members of sexual and gender minority like male and female, not differently. The Bureau has expressed its full commitment to control the crime against homosexual, third gender, bi-sexual and inter-sex that happens through social media.

Police also assured of conducting investigation on cybercrime related issues. A discussions was organized by Pahichan Media in the presence of Bureau Chief Bikash Shrestha, member of Constituent Assembly Sunil Babu Pant who is also working for the protecting the rights of sexual and gender minority.

Shrestha said that they would give priority to this community. The illegal activities conducted through computer and other devices are called cybercrime.  Pant said that crime which takes place through dating apps and sites in developing countries is taking place in Nepal too. According to him, chemsex which was initiated targeting homosexual in the countries like India, China, Thailand, and United Kingdom has also entered in Nepal.

If sexual inter-course is conducted in this way, there are the high chances of death. “This type of sex in Nepal began from heterosexual people, which now has been extended to homosexual and third gender,” Pant said.

Pant said such cases may not have been reported due the fear that they may be in trouble in the society. Pant requested Nepal police to bring those issues to Bureau and address them immediately. Bureau Chief Shrestha said that till date there are no reports regarding the crime against sexual and gender minority through social media. “No one should feel hesitations and fears to register complaints in police office,” Shrestha said.

Bureau’s senior superintendent of police Nabinda Aryal requested to inform police about sexual and gender minority. Aryal said 95 percent of people may not know that social media is being used for the crime. “We are ready to inform this community about the use of social media. In the last one and half month, we have received 236 complaints related to character assassination,” Aryal said.

Rewati Dhakal of Bureau said there is no discrimination to this community. “We do not see this community differently, it does not matter whether they are open or not. However, members of this community should be aware about use of social media,” Dhakal said.  In the programs, members of sexual and gender minority said cases of rape has not been made public.

The Electronic Transition Act has is a main law to deal with crimes that happens from social media.  As per the law, there could be jail term of six months to five years or there could be penalty from 50 thousand to two lakh. The Bureau has informed that complaints can be filed at Crime Division Teku. People from outside the Kathmandu valley can register complaints in nearby police station.  Threat through email or demanding money is rampant in Nepal.  Various types of cyber crime are taking place in Nepal.