“Rights of gender and sexual minority in new constitution is vital”

Kathmandu ( Pahichan) September 25– Rights have been enshrined in new constitution.  Mangali Tamang 65 years old, who came to the office of Blue Diamond Society was every excited.  Mangali, a resident of Likhu Village Development Committee, seems like a male but she wants to identify herself as women. People call me as an elder sister,” Mangai said, “Our rights have been written in new constitution, I am so much happy today.”bds 3

Chairman Pinki Gurung, Executive Director Manisha Dhakal, Deputy Director Parshuram Rai and members of gender and sexual minorities welcomed her at the office.  Some homosexuals and transgender were in jubilant mood and they were singing and dancing which made her happy. “I have to go my village and create awareness about the rights because I feel bad when they say Napunsak,” he said. She said if she was aware that there are many transgender, she said she would not have to live feeling hurt by other people. The program was organized by Society to inform about the rights of this community ensured in the new constitution. When she was informed that new constitution has guaranteed that members of this community would not face by discrimination, she clapped her hand.bds 2

Legal Advisor Prem Bahadur Thapa said as constitution has guaranteed to provide citizenship on the basis of gender identity, members of this community would get citizenship under o category. According to him, the rights in the new constitutions are vital one. According to him, it is a matter of happiness to ensure that there will be representation of state mechanism to the members of new constitution and formation of inclusive commission. He said there cannot be discrimination on the basis of gender identity even after the marriage. “We are happy that our rights have been incorporated in the new constitution. Our guardian Sunil Babu Pant said a vital role to ensure our right but now he is not with us,” they said. They thanked Panta for his vital role. Pant is currently in UK and in the first CA he played a vital role to ensure the rights of this community.