Sandhaya, a lucky transgender

Kathmandu/Pahichan – She never thought that her separate identity would be an obstacle for doing something in her life. There was a zeal that she can do something and have capacity accordingly. Therefore, she is continuously struggling in her life. She never thought that she would have to stay in society being suppressed, neither had she faced any humiliations.

She is transgender Sandhya Lama. She is launching a program Pharak Pahichan at ABC television. The program is aired on 7 am every Thursday.  She is raising the issue of past life, present and ongoing struggle on homosexual and transgender.

Till now, she was incorporating issues related to homosexual and transgender. Now, she is planning to invite artists and politicians for the purpose of holding discussions about this minority community. She wants to contribute her journalism for the welfare of this community.

Women in front of glass

sandhya-1She was born as male but time changed her into a transgender. When she stands in favor of a looking class, she herself finds as women. The only differences are her some organs are like male. No one calls her male. Similarly, no one calls her transgender. Few speak know about her identity when she speaks.  Her voice is thin than of women. She does not have any regret for being transgender. She has one complaint: some people call her chhakka, hijada which are abusive words. She feels pains when people use abusive words against her.

Lucky Sandhaya

Constitution has already granted transgender several rights.  It has been mentioned that people would not be discriminated due to their gender identity. The new laws and policy will be formulated according to constitutional provisions. But, many homosexual and transgender are not allowed to live with their family.

 Due to their separate identity, they are forced to leave their homes. But, Sandhya is a very lucky people. She has not faced any discrimination for being transgender. She is also living with family members. Family members always provided her support.  When she shared her identity, family members accepted this staying that he had characters of girl from childhood. “I am among a few transgender who have been accepted by family members,” she said, “Mother and fathers call me nani, brothers call me as sister, so I am very fortunate.”

Interest of playing lead role in Cinema   

sandhya-4She had interest since the childhood, and she has not taken by formal education. However, she can dance in a well manner. She has already played in in Bhojpuri cinema. She played in in Kismat and Jaba Payar Kiyato Darana Kiya.

Some people asks her whether is female. Some give advice to work as model and work in cinema. She has received offer for cinema but she has not played in cinema.

She got offer to play in Jaya hos, a cinema written by Ghanashyam Khadka. She wants to be in a lead role in the cinema. According to her, Nepali cinema is using members of gender and sexual minority as a mock character. She asked not to do so. She is winner of Miss Pink 2008